"I really liked learning more about what it takes to start a business and be a successful entrepreneur. I also liked learning about how to build a strong team and how to raise capital."
– Junior Judge, 2016

“In the beginning of last year, I dabbled in economics and entrepreneurship so I applied to WFN to gain some insight on these subjects in real life situations. What I didn’t know applying, was that I would learn lifelong lessons about poise, confidence, perseverance, initiative and innovation."
– Sophia, Junior Judge, 17 years old, 2016


"This was a great experience for my daughter. It was fun but also made her think about careers and entrepreneurship in a more concrete way. The first thing she said after the Fast Pitch was 'Can I do this again next year?'”
– Parent of a Junior Judge, 2016

Judges at Table

“I liked the feeling of actually having a voice and a say in something important.”
– Junior Judge, 2016


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